As is the Custom: My faves from the week (all found at the Gathering…)

We will resume our regular “As is the Custom” feature next week.  I have come across some very cool customs, and I as usual I will show them next Saturday.  We also have one of the best customizers on the planet preparing a rundown on some of his favorite pieces, so stay tuned.  Customs will always be a big part of the Lamley Group Blog.  Be sure to Like us on Facebook so you know when new features are up.

This week we do something slightly different.  When I was at the Gathering last week, there was a small custom contest, so I took some pics (albeit bad pics) of some of my favorites.  I also ran into Brian “Steady Hands” Laurence, who had some of his latest customs on hand, which he allowed me to photograph.

Many thanks for letting me photograph these, and enjoy the pieces:

Gathering contest:

From Brian:

First Look: Hot Wheels Dodge Viper SRT10…

Another First Look from the latest Hot Wheels P case, this time for the Viper nuts.  As much as I love the new Viper, I have been able to get into older versions, with a couple of exceptions.  This SRT10 is better to me than older versions, but not enough for me to collect.  That being said, I kind of like the design on this one.  It is busy, but you can tell some thought went into it.  The hood and roof stripe are the highlight.

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Hot Wheels ’06 Dodge Viper SRT10 (2012 Basic Range):

Model List: Matchbox Classic Seagrave Fire Engine

We are going to try to create what you might call an unofficial reference list here on the Lamley Group blog.  As I have said many times, I don’t collect everything, but if there is a model I really like, I become a completist of that model.  I want every version and variation.

Well I thought I could start compiling Model Lists of these favorite castings.  So every few days you will see a new Model List appear as a separate post on the blog.  I will also create a link to that Model List on the right-hand sidebar down below.  Whenever a new version or vary appears, I will add it to the list.  Each week I might post what lists have been updated.

So it won’t be a complete checklist of every model that Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Tomica and other brands have produced, as there are plenty of sites dedicated to that.  But it will feature a large amount of popular current castings.  I will enjoy doing it, I hope you enjoy perusing it.

So let’s start with a recent model:

Matchbox Classic Seagrave Fire Engine

2012 1-120

2012 Everett Marshall Charities Golf Tournament Exclusive

2012 MC Gathering of Friends Dealer Exclusive

2012 ???

What diecast forums, blogs, websites, and catalogs do you frequent?

I have a few things I am going to introduce to the blog in the coming days and weeks, and one is a one-stop set of links to quality diecast-related websites.  If you scroll down a bit and look on the right-hand column, you will see at the bottom I have started to compile a list of forums, blogs, and catalogs.

I have many more to put up, but I do wonder if there are some great sites out there I am not aware of.  So, if you can, reply to this post, or comment on our Facebook Page, and let us know where you like to visit.

The more the merrier!

Exclusive photos of the Mattel-donated prepros Part 2: Lesney BMW X5, GMC School Bus, and Ford Panel Delivery Van…

Let us continue our up-close look at the preproduction models donated by Mattel to the Gathering charity auction.

If you missed Part 1, which explained a little more about the purpose of these prepros, click below:

Part 1

Part 2 features three more models, the Lesney Edition X5 with a metal base, an unpainted and unriveted and unpainted GMC School Bus, and the very popular Ford Panel Van, unriveted and taped.

One great thing about these models is they come exactly as Mattel found them in the prepro drawer.  Some have old rubber bands that just stay in place, others, like the Panel, have old tape attached that was obviously used to keep the model together for inspection.  Being that way definitely gives them a sense of history.

One thing I didn’t do, and should have, was photograph the bases.  Some were blank, others fully done just like the final model.  All had “ABQ 10” written, melted, or scratched into the base to signify that these models came willingly from Mattel, and not unwillingly under a table from somewhere else.  There are a couple of models that have bases that I photographed, and I will show those later.

In the meantime, enjoy these:

Part 2: Matchbox Lesney Edition X5 (unpainted, riveted, metal base), GMC School Bus (unpainted, unriveted, and Ford Panel Van (unriveted, taped):

First Look: Matchbox BMW R1200 RT-P Police Motorcycle…

It has been awhile since Matchbox has done a motorcycle.  They just did one.

As far as motorcycles go, I like it.  But I have not collected any of the Hot Wheels bikes, and I will walk the same path with this one.  I love that they did it for variety’s sake, but it will look a little out of place next to the other Matchbox Police vehicles in the collection.  I am not a scale nut, but a motorcycle that is bigger than a Dodge Monaco doesn’t really work for me.

Actually, maybe I will keep this one.  I do like white BMW’s with the signature red and blue trim.  No, it is too big and I don’t like motorcycles.

(Why don’t you enjoy the pics while I continue this internal argument.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?)

Matchbox BMW R1200 RT-P Police Motorcycle (2012 First Edition):

(Man, I like this last photo.)